CORE Dance Company
was established in
June of 2016

CORE Dance Company...

is located in Northwest Omaha and provides dance classes to dancers ages two and up.  Class offerings include: leaps, turns and conditioning, ballet, tap, hip hop, tumbling, lyrical, improv, pre school ballet, tap and tumbling and wiggles and giggles (ages 2-3).  Flexible scheduling allows dancers to choose classes that best fit their needs on a daily basis.

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Liz Walls (Owner/Director)

Liz was born and raised in Omaha, NE where she began her dance career.  Liz began dancing at the age of two, and competing at the age of four.  At the age of sixteen she underwent knee surgery, putting an end to her competitive dancing.  She began assisting classes and followed by teaching.  Liz graduated in 2014 from Creighton University with a Bachelors in Nursing degree and currently works full time as a nurse.  She has taught recreation-ally and competitively at studios throughout the Omaha area.  Liz has choreographed competitively for the past five years and enjoys the competition atmosphere.  Opening a studio had always been a lifetime dream of Liz's and she is excited to begin this exciting journey.  Liz can be found popping in and out of classes, teaching various classes, and working the front desk.

Samantha Delts (Assistant Director)

Sam was born and raised in Omaha, NE and began her dance career at the age of three.  Sam has attended multiple studios and dance competitively since the age of five.  She attended Millard North High School, where she was a part of their dance team for four years.  Sam currently attends the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where she is pursuing a degree in education.  She has choreographed competitively  for the past four years and has won numerous overall, top 10, choreography awards and special judges awards.  Sam is the assistant director of CORE Dance Company and shared the same dream as Liz of opening a studio.  Sam has been with CORE Dance Company since the beginning and enjoys being a part of a new, growing studio.

Jadyn Bechtold (Teacher)

Jadyn was born in Omaha, NE and began dancing at the age of five.  Her passion for dance is evident when she tells people she "eats, sleeps and breathes dance."  She danced competitively in the Omaha area and became a member of the Millard West Dance Team her freshman year of high school.  At the age of sixteen Jadyn began her teaching career.  She graduated from Millard West in 2015 and currently attends The University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Jadyn was a member of the UNO Dance Team and is pursuing a degree in marketing with a minor in dance.  Her most recent choreography at CORE has won multiple overall awards, special judges awards, and choreography awards.  Jadyn joined CORE Dance Company in the fall of 2016 and teaches both recreational and competitive classes.

Sienna Scott (Teacher)

Sienna was born and raised in Omaha, NE and began her dance career at the age of two.  She competed on a studio team and was on the Skutt High School Dance Team for four years.  Sienna was also a member of the University of Nebraska Omaha Dance Team and is currently pursuing a degree in sociology.  Sienna wants to continue her education and obtain a Masters in Occupational Therapy upon graduation from UNO.  Sienna joined CORE Dance Company in late Spring of 2017 and is excited to be on the summer and fall 2017 schedule.  Sienna will teach both recreational and competitive classes.

Holden Wemhoff (Teacher)

Holden was born & raised in Norfolk, Nebraska where he started dance at the age of eight. His passion for dance led him to Los Angeles, California after he graduated high school. He quickly signed with an agency and booked his first professional job soon after. Holden has travelled to Reno, Nevada to perform in the musical "The Producers", worked closely with Disney, and made a few appearances on the YouTube channel "Awesomeness TV". Holden has also choreographed for multiple performances throughout his high school career.

Sarah Ryland (Teacher)